I.W. Harper 15 Year

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I.W. Harper 15 Year
 Bright and enjoyable thanks to an abundance of fruit notes. Cherry and apricot are the most striking, with orange and lemon coming across a bit fainter. Mint and dark chocolate inhabit deeper layers that become more apparent as the fruit scents dissipate. Swirling the bourbon in the glass stimulates the aromas much more so than I’ve noted in other bourbons. This is evenly layered for a 15 year old bourbon, and one that’s hard to find obvious flaws in.

Not quite the striking fruit-forward palate that the nose lead me to believe, but fruit is still very much present. The milder fruit flavors dissipate and give way to heavier notes of oak and leather. Chocolate and caramel also pop up and help provide a nice balance between the sweet and dry notes. It’s smooth creamy mouthfeel helps the sweeter flavors coat your mouth until the finish kicks in.


It begins with a manageable amount of heat that soon gives way to an oaky underbelly. The bourbon’s mouthfeel helps the palate’s flavors slowly pull back one by one as the finish slowly fades. New notes of vanilla and caramel become more noticeable and a mild oaky aftertaste lingers on the finish. This combination provides a gratifying sweet and dry ending.